Christchurch Community Writing Project

Who Are Chasing Driftwood Writing Group?

Chasing Driftwood Writing Group was set up by Hurn resident and local author, Chantelle Atkins in May 2015. The aim of the group is to provide creative writing workshops and clubs to adults and children across Dorset. The group runs a fortnightly adult writing group at Portfield Hall, and puts on writing workshops for children in the school holidays. Chasing Driftwood has also run adult workshops at Christchurch Library, and Chantelle has been involved in running workshops for Dorset Writers Network at various events across Dorset. In December 2017 Chasing Driftwood became a Community Interest Company (Company No. 11111581). The aims of the group remain the same; to encourage and inspire creative writing across Dorset through events, workshops, clubs and projects.

What is the Christchurch Community Writing Project?

The Christchurch Community Writing Project is an idea inspired by the brilliant community writing project at Colehill and by the anthology This Little World, orchestrated by Dorset Writers Network. Both these projects encouraged local people to write about their community, and an anthology of stories was produced and published. Both books are now able to bring in much needed funds for further community projects. These projects were structured with meetings and workshops, encouraging local people to attend, and inspiring writers from all backgrounds to submit their work. Feedback and mentoring was offered. Both projects had a positive effect on residents lives and on the community as a whole. Chasing Driftwood, inspired by these community writing projects, decided to orchestrate a similar project, covering the whole of Christchurch. Chantelle from Chasing Driftwood was involved in the This Little World project and has received mentoring support from Tracy Baines, who was integral to the Dorset Writers Network Project and the Colehill anthology.

Why do we think this is important?

Chasing Driftwood think writing is very, very important! Writing is proven to be a therapeutic activity, a way of expressing thoughts and emotions, a way of making sense of the world and perhaps even more importantly today, a way of making a connection to the world. Community projects are vital to social cohesion and inclusivity. Christchurch is a large area, inhabited by people from all walks of life and backgrounds. We think writing is extremely beneficial to both the individual and society. Bringing people together to talk about Christchurch, to express opinions and fears, to share happy memories, to discuss the changes they have seen and their worries or expectations for the future, will be an invaluable activity. Through this project, people will be able to express their views and be heard. We are looking forward to engaging with children and young adults, as well as retired people and vulnerable groups. We want to hear from everyone and encourage as many people as possible to get writing!

Who can submit to the anthology?

Anyone who lives in Christchurch, has lived in Christchurch or who has a connection to the area

What can they submit?

We are looking for fictional stories, non-fiction, memories, journals, poetry, flash fiction, articles and even interviews. Our only rule is that it must not exceed 2,000 words and it must be linked to Christchurch.

How Will Be People Be Encouraged/Inspired to Write and Submit?

We will be putting on a number of workshops across the area over a period of two years. We will be holding workshops in the library and in many local community halls and centres. We will be going into schools and retirement homes, and reaching out to charities who support the homeless in order to reach vulnerable people. All the workshops/events will be free for residents to attend.

Who will be running the workshops?

The workshops will be run by professional writers with experience of public speaking.

What will be the final result?

The final result will be a beautiful anthology of stories, poems, articles, memories and more, all written by the residents of Christchurch, aged 5 years and up. The front cover will be designed by a local young artist. The anthology will be professionally edited, proofread and formatted and then published via Amazon and made available to purchase via other online retailers. There will be an ebook and a paperback version. We hope the local library and independent bookshops will agree to stock it.

How will this project help the community?

This project will help the community in the short term by bringing people together to work on a community project. It will encourage and inspire people to write and keep writing. It will help people feel more connected to their community and to others. In the long term, the project will be beneficial as sales of the anthology will go straight back into the company and be used to fund further creative writing events and projects.